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mon motors logo“We’ve been using AudaLite since it was launched and already we’re wondering how we ever managed
without it. AudaLite really helps to impress our customers, bringing the retail experience into the 21st century. It’s simple to learn and use, looks really professional and allows us to sell more services to our customers – both retail and internal - in a way they trust us”

Mike Lee - Mon Motors Accident Repair



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Small repairs. Big business.

With AudaLite. The new iPad App from Audatex.

AudaLite helps turn smaller non-insurance repairs into a significant stream of profitable business. Quick, easy and accurate on-the-spot estimates that trials have shown customers love, with high rates of conversion to actual jobs. With AudaLite you set your own prices and have opportunities to upsell whilst eliminating estimating errors and maximising profitability.

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Key Features

Tick bullet Maximise the earning potential and profitability of non-insurance repairs.
Tick bullet Produce fast and accurate estimates at the swipe of a finger.
Tick bullet You don’t need to be a fully qualified VDA to create an estimate.
Tick bullet Set your own prices and have complete control and flexibility.
Tick bullet Covers all car types and LCVs.
Tick bullet Free to download and you only pay when you use it.


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  App requirements    

iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad Mini


Version 6.1.3+


AudaLite requires a network connection to perform some functions.

Minimum connections speeds: 1MB Download and 512kb upload
spacer Choosing an iPad

If you wish to use AudaLite within your bodyshop, you will need wifi connectivity only. However, should you wish to use AudaLite remotely at customers’ locations, you will need cellular or 3G/4G connectivity.
We recommend that you use an iPad with a storage capacity of 16GB as our application itself does not use a lot of space. You can purchase an iPad from most high street mobile phone shops or an Apple Store.
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Video Guides

Video guide
Creating a new estimate
Video guide
Capturing damage


Video guide
Taking images
Video guide
Applying discounts
Video guide
Create & send report with images


Video guide
Creating an email signature

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Q: What do I need to run it?
bullet At present the app is available on the iPad which are available from many retailers. It is compatible with iPads 2, 3, 4 and Mini and works on iOS Version 6.1.3 and above. It requires a wifi connection to perform the majority of functions. Minimum connections speeds are 1MB Download and 512kb upload?

Q: Is it available on Android devices?
bullet The application has been designed specifically for the iPad, there are currently no firm plans to develop for other platforms.

Q: How much does it cost?
Number of estimates (per site) Cost per estimate
1-49 £2.29
50-99 £2.08
100-149 £1.88
150-174 £1.72
175-2000 £1.56

Or a fixed monthly cost (per site) of £312.00 for 200+ estimates

Q: Does it charge me for Vin+ Number lookup?
bullet No. AudaLite does not use VIN + - there is no charge for a Vin Lookup.

Q: What do I have to do before using it?
bullet Download the app from the App Store and log in using the log in details provided for you. You or someone from your company will need to have permission to the AudaLite Administration tool to create price lists for your company or site. Also, your email account needs to be set up on the iPad before using AudaLite.

Q: Can I create an assessment?
bullet Yes, all AudaLite assessments are created on the iPad within the application.

Q: Can I search for an estimate?
bullet Yes, you can search for an existing estimate if it has been created in AudaLite only.

Q: Can I set different rates for different customers?
bullet Yes, you can do this by completing separate price lists for each customer type on the AudaLite Administration Application. You will need to have the correct permission in place to do this for your company.

Q: Can I store an address that I know I will need to use again?
bullet Yes, you can use the 'add to address' book feature.

Q: I am doing a number of estimates at the same location; can I easily copy the address?
bullet You can use the default address feature to persist an address for as long as you want.

Q: I have some regular customers – is there a way to complete their details quickly and efficiently?
bullet Yes, your most regular contacts are stored in the address book.

Q: Can I add extras/upsold items to the estimate?
bullet Yes, you can use the 'additional items' feature to add extras or additional upsold items to the estimate.

Q: Can I add parts to the estimate?
bullet Yes, you can use the 'additional items' feature to add parts to an AudaLite estimate. These are entered as a manual description and a manual price.

Q: Can I take images?
bullet Yes, you can take images from the images area within the AudaLite application. These images can be annotated and have notes applied to them.

Q: How do I get started with AudaLite?
bullet Take a look at our Get Going Guide

Q: Do I need to set up a price list to use AudaLite?
bullet AudaLite contains a demonstration price list called Retail Test Example, so that you can immediately use the app and explore the great features. We would recommend that once you have tested out the system and created a couple of estimates that you look at how to set up your own price lists using the administration function. Please look at our Audalite Admin Guide
Q: Can I import images from the gallery?
bullet Yes, you can import any images taken outside of the application from the gallery. You may select one or multiple images for import.

Q: Can I export the images for use in my BMS?
bullet Currently this feature is not available. Please let us know if this is a feature that you would like to see in the application.

Q: Can images be sent with the estimate report?
bullet Yes. In the estimate report view you can select which images are sent in the report by tapping on each image. 

Q: How do I apply a discount?
bullet You can apply a discount to the overall estimate in the estimate report view by using the edit button next to the price. You can also apply a discount to a specific panel (see below).

Q: How do I apply a discount to a panel (sometimes known as a “smart repair”)
bullet You can apply a discount to a specific panel using the edit icon next to the operation in the panel pop up. This will be tagged “smart repair” in the report indicating a discount.

Q: I have a car with a larger than normal panel, how do I adjust the price?
bullet You can use the 'panel adjustment' feature by using the edit icon next to the operation in the panel pop up. You can apply an increase in percentage to allow for the extra cost. This will NOT be displayed on the estimate report but the price will include the adjustment.

Q: How do I deal with very heavily damaged panels – they will need more work to repair than the standard panel cost?
bullet You can use the panel adjustment feature by using the edit icon next to the operation in the panel pop up. You can apply an increase in percentage to allow for the extra cost. This will NOT be displayed on the estimate report but the price will include the adjustment.

Q: Why are there no rates or work units?
bullet AudaLite is a menu price based application. You should consider M.E.T, Paint time, Paint and Materials when calculating your prices for Blend and for Paint. For Repair & Paint a value for panel repairs should also be included.

Q: Can I send this to an insurer?
bullet No. AudaLite is aimed at retail work only – there is no link to insurance.

Q: Can I view my AudaMobile assessments on AudaLite?
bullet No. There is currently no ability to view AudaMobile assessments in AudaLite or AudaLite assessments in AudaMobile. They are separate applications used for different purposes.

Q: Can I export an AudaLite estimate directly from the application to my BMS system?
bullet Not directly. You would need to either use the email feature to email an export file to a specific user and then save the attached export file, or, you can save the file directly out of the administration tool.

Q: How do I send the assessment report to a customer?
bullet Assessment reports are sent to the customer via email; your email account needs to be set up on your iPad before using the application.

Q: Do I have the ability to CC myself in on the emailed report sent to the customer?

Yes. There is the option to add a CC’d email address, you add this on the main screen by clicking on the Cog symbol > Settings > CC email address.


Q: Do I have administrator rights to set up price lists?
bullet If you are part of a single site repairer then all users at your site will have been activated to access the Menu Admin feature.

If you are part of a larger organisation the Menu Admin feature has only been switched on for nominated users who are authorised to set the price tariffs. If you are unsure of who this is in your organisation then please contact the Service Desk on 0118 923 5666 or at, who will be able to advise.



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